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Rolex Replicas

It is perfectly legal to posses Rolex fakes. Although, many manufacturers that produce imitations are in violation of many copyright and trademark laws. Of course, consumers should always be cautious of scams involving the customer purchasing a fake Rolex watch that is reputed to be real. One way to prevent this from happening is to go directly to Rolex and inquire on reputable dealers in your area. Remember, be immediately suspicious of purchasing a 'real' Rolex over the web because it is probably a fake watch. Rolex refuses to sell any of there products over the internet.

Interestingly enough, some fake watches are better than others resulting in a trend of fake Rolex fakes. More likely, Rolex buyers that are in the market for fake Rolexes (believe me, there is a big market for this) are more often scammed into buying lesser quality fake watches from "genuine" fakes than purchasing fake Rolexes.

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What kinds of Rolex fakes are there?
If you are interested in purchasing a fake Rolex, be sure you are informed on the three different categories of Rolex fakes that are available. These three categories vary greatly in quality. The hierarchy for quality, from highest to lowest, for fake Rolex watches is as follows:

Swiss Rolex Replicas-
Swiss Rolex Replicas are considered la crème de la crème of the Rolex replication world and cost the manufacturer $300 to produce. These are known for their durability and smoothness in watch second arm movement (although it is still quite loud) and their quality of construction. These fake watches are so similar to the real Rolex, even professional jewelers often have trouble distinguishing the difference between replicas and the genuine article. Swiss Rolex replicas are not necessarily produced in Switzerland, rather, this designation refers to the type of movement inside the watch and from where the parts that make up the watch were manufactured.

The second tier in fake watch quality are the Japanese Rolex replicas which cost no more than $40 for the manufacturer to produce. These watches are well known for being fairly priced for the quality. Despite the good reputation, Japanese replicas will not come close to fooling jewelers due to the tell tale signs of a fake including the Japanese movement and Japanese parts the watch is composed of.

Lastly, Chinese Rolex replicas are so named because they typically contain a Chinese style watch movement mechanism. These watches cost no more than $7 to manufacture. Although these replicas are perfectly fine watches as far as watches are concerned, they are poor fake Rolexes.

Some things to consider when evaluating which watch to purchase.
Automatic Movement: One way people have often distinguished a fake from a real Rolex is the quality of the arm movements. Often times, you can tell a fake right off from the loud noise the second hand makes compared to the inaudible movement from a real Rolex.

A Swiss Rolex is considerable more difficult to call on because the movement of the arms are extremely quiet versus the arm movement from a Japanese or Chinese made watch.

Gold Platting:
Most websites that sell fake watches will spout off details on whether or not they use gold plating, how many carats, and how thick the gold plating is. This last point is particularly difficult to judge. Generally, fake Rolex dealers will not use 18K gold because it wears off faster than 14K gold. Consequently, manufacturers opt instead for 14K gold, despite the fact that it is visually dull compared to the 18K gold platting. The thickness of gold plating is usually never greater than 10 microns thick (10 microns= 0.0004 inches thick).

Most people wear their watches everyday, but you may want to reconsider this habit if you are wearing a Rolex replica. Most warranties do not cover gold plating, and the reason? Because the manufactures don't expect the plating to exist after 3 or 4 months. Who cares about the movements or quality of construction when you know this important fact, uh?

Between Japan-made replicas and other cheaper replicas, there is a big difference in the threads on the sides of the watch where the crown screws in. Cheaper replicas have irregular threads, which means you are potentially able to screw the crown in too much and damage the movement without using much force. Obviously, if you use too much force, you will damage the crown on any watch, however, the less quality fake watches are easier to damage.

Stainless Steel:
Rolex watches use high-grade 440 stainless steel which is extremely expensive. So expensive, in fact, that there is no fake watch under $700 that will use it. There are many differences between high and low grade steels. First, high-grade steel is more scratch resistant. Second, high-grade stainless steel is significantly stiffer and can withstand intense pressure, even deep see diving!

Dial Markings:
There are several differences in dial markings between the Swiss and Japanese replicas. First, the face of Japanese replicas are marked using an ink-stamping process. This process results in an almost smudged appearance compared to the Swiss replicas sharp laser etched markings.

Weight and Feel:
You can immediately notice the difference between a Japanese Rolex fake and a real Rolex watch based on the weight and feel when holding them. There are several reasons why a Rolex is much heavier than the Japanese fake Rolex. Since the Rolex is solid gold, it is heavier than the gold plated watch. In addition, the high-grade stainless steel is denser and adds to the weight of the watch.

Water Resistant:
Lower quality replicas are not water resistant.

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Watches Sales

The largest collection of
watches and clocks on the web

Watches Sales: The largest collection of watches and clocks on the web