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What are the features to look out for when purchasing a Rolex replica?

How do I know what sort of quality I'm getting?

One of the most popular questions we get from our many customers. Since EVERYBODY claims that their replicas give the best value for money, how do we know when anybody is telling the truth?

We GUARANTEE THE BEST PRICES FOR THE QUALITY - BUT - DON'T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT. How do you know we have the best replicas, since other sellers will claim that their watch is just as good, or even better??

It's EASY - just ask ANY watch seller the following questions:

1. Is the watch FULL, SOLID stainless steel? Or is it stainless steel coated?

All too often replicas are stainless steel coated, so after some wear, the stainless steel wears off, showing the brass or aluminum body, which makes the replica completely useless then. ALWAYS INSIST on full, solid stainless steel replicas!

2. Is the watch WATERPROOF?

Cheap replicas will never hold up under water. Get caught in the rain once and it is as good as gone. While we don't expect that a replica should be worn for diving, it must DEFINITELY be water-proof, at least for regular swimming purposes and for the shower and the rain! No water-guarantee - NO DEAL!

3. Is the glass SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL?

Don't settle for less than scratch resistant sapphire crystal. How do you tell? Run a SHARP penknife across the dial when you receive the watch - if it scratches - RETURN IT - IT'S NOT WORTH THE MONEY!

4. Does the watch have SCREWS in the links, or PINS?

Most replicas have watch links which are linked by cheap pins, which require hammering out, just adjust the links. Don't be fooled either by pins that are folded, and resemble screws. Solidly built, high quality replicas should have THREADED SCREWS in the links, NOT PINS - exactly as per genuine Rolexes. These can be nicely removed with a small screw-driver to adjust for band size!

5. Does the watch have the HACK mechanism?

All automatic movement watches from Breitling, Rolex etc, when the crown is pulled out to set/adjust the time, the second hand stops moving - this is known as the hack mechanism. This feature is almost never found on replicas, and is usually a dead giveaway for a replica. Only high quality replicas have the hack mechanism


Replicas with the see-through, glass back, are another dead giveaway. Genuine rolexes have a solid stainless steel back, with the green Rolex sticker with model number and logo - don't settle for anything else!

7. Does the watch have the SERIAL NUMBER/ BAND NUMBER?

Serial and band model number should be found on the final links/last piece of any Rolex replica, exactly as found on genuine Rolexes. Unfortunately, MOST replicas don't have that.

8. Does the watch have STEELINOX markings, and Serial number on clasp?

All Rolex sports models have the traditional Flip-lock clasp, with STEELINOX engraved clearly and sharply on the clasp, as well as the SERIAL NUMBER engraved on the clasp. A good replica WILL HAVE THIS. If it doesn't, it's not work the money.

9. Is the watch a two-tone or all gold model? If so, IS THE DATE WHEEL GOLD, OR WHITE?

Genuine 18k/SS and full 18k Rolexes havethe gold date wheel. If the replica you are interested in purchasing is a two-tone or all gold model, ALWAYS ASK if the date wheel is white, or gold - if it's white, KEEP YOUR MONEY, because that's a dead-giveaway for a replica!


When purchasing a replica, aside from all the above features, which help distinguish a good replica from a bad one, all replicas should have the following standard features:

*Screw-in crown
*unidirectional turning bezel where appropriate
*All the appropriate rolex logos, on crown and dial
*Heavy weight

If it doesn't even have the above features - it's probably worth about $2 :-)

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Watches Sales

The largest collection of
watches and clocks on the web

Watches Sales: The largest collection of watches and clocks on the web