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Roger Dubuis

When Roger Dubuis, master horologist, and Carlos Dias, business man and fervent admirer of timepieces, founded Manufacture Roger Dubuis they set themselves the difficult challenge of creating a brand that would combine centuries of tradition with modernity and take the measurement of time into the 21st century.


Eight years on, their success is undeniable. With six collections, nine calibres, 175 employees, a hitech manufacture and three Roger Dubuis boutiques, their mission has remained the same, to create…


By respect for the horologists of the past and their traditional values, Manufacture Roger Dubuis has decided to guarantee the continuity by keeping the same standards of excellence. They would like to create a new chapter in the history of watchmaking, by setting new standards in technology, quality and design. Technology is essential to Manufacture Roger Dubuis and this year they have reached their goal of complete vertical production.

At a time when the vast majority of watchmakers rely on others for their production, Roger Dubuis has invested a considerable amount of money in micro-mechanical technology in order to produce each and every component in-house and ensure total independence. The result of vertical production has not only improved the quality of each component, but more importantly has allowed greater freedom in the design and production of each movement.

Thanks to this new technology, the Manufacture has been able to produce three new basic calibres this year, all of which have been entirely designed, developed, fabricated and assembled at the Manufacture. The quality of each Roger Dubuis watch and movement is certified by the prestigious Geneva hallmark, the Poinçon de Genève recognised by the Geneva coat of arms positioned on the plate and one bridge.

 In order to obtain this high distinction, each movement must be assembled and finished in the county of Geneva, as well as conform to twelve strict quality requirements. Although the Poinçon de Geneve dates from the seventeenth century, Manufacture Roger Dubuis is the only watchmaker in the world that marks all of its watches with this renowned hallmark. This standard is important to all at Manufacture Roger Dubuis as it is a reverence to all the watchmakers who have contributed to building the watchmaking reputation of Geneva.

It is in the design of each Roger Dubuis watch that the innovation of the Manufacture is perhaps the most noticeable. Each of the six collections has been even more amazing that the precedent, setting new trends in watch creation.

This year Roger Dubuis has launched their sixth and latest collection which breaks all records in style. Although the six collections are quite unique, they have a common denominator, a marvellous style created by Carlos Dias. He is inspired by the very best of centuries of watch design and has redeveloped it to produce timepieces which can only be described as the haute couture of watchmaking. It is understandable that their creativity has been inspiration for others.

More flattered than annoyed, they have cheekily called their latest collection FollowMe. We only have to look back two hundred years to find that to own a watch was one of the greatest privileges. Those who had a command of time had a command of life. Nowadays, the wristwatch has become commonplace and we have taken the art of time for granted. It is for this reason that Manufacture Roger Dubuis only produces 28 watches of each individual model in order to recreate that special feeling one has when acquiring something exceptional.

In only eight years Manufacture Roger Dubuis has developed nine calibres and produced six collections, more than what most watchmakers achieve in half a century. However, they have done more than this, they have marked a return to the original values of watchmaking - the art of the measurement of time, no compromises to quality, innovation in design and the joy of owning something extremely rare - time.


  • 1995: Foundation of the company SOGEM S.A. (Société Genevoise des Montres) by Carlos Dias and Roger Dubuis.
  • 1996: Creation and presentation of the first collections “Hommage” and “Sympathie” in April of this year under the name of Roger Dubuis, watchmaker of Geneva.
  • 1997: Launch of the first Roger Dubuis advertising campaign. Already distributed in Italy and Switzerland, the brand is introduced onto the Asian continent.
  • 1998: Presentation of two new calibres entirely designed and fabricated in the company’s workshops: RD28 and RD98. Presentation of the “MuchMore” collection.
  • 1999: Launch of the “MuchMore” collection. Admission to the prestigious Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie. The brand establishes itself in the North American market. SOGEM S.A. becomes Manufacture Roger Dubuis S.A.
  • 2000: The new “TooMuch” collection is launched. Presentation of a new advertising campaign. Exhibition of exceptional pieces at SIHH 2000. The “MuchMore” range is outrageously copied. The brand is now distributed in the Middle East.
  • 2001: Increased efforts towards verticalization of production so as to achieve complete independence.
  • 2002: Presentation of the “GoldenSquare” collection. Inauguration of the new Manufacture Roger Dubuis.
    The first Roger Dubuis boutique opens its doors at 3, rue du Rhône in Geneva.
  • 2003: Launch of the “FollowMe” collection. Presentation of three new base calibres including a flying tourbillion with large date. Inauguration of the Roger Dubuis boutique in Geneva on 8 April 2003. Opening of two further Roger Dubuis boutiques in Dubai and Paris.

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Watches Sales

The largest collection of
watches and clocks on the web

Watches Sales: The largest collection of watches and clocks on the web