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Founded in 1930 by Mr. Baumgartner in Switzerland, the Rodania company commenced operations in Grenchen, a town renowned for its watch- and clockmaking activities. It was not long before its excellent local reputation began to spread, however, as export activities expanded the company's operations beyond Swiss borders.

In 1947, RODANIA Grenchen had the vision and foresight to expand its operations with the establishment of a subsidiary in Montreal, Canada. A short time later, in 1951, a distribution company was established in Brussels, at the heart of Europe. There a highly creative team, well versed in the techniques of modern marketing, demonstrated its dynamism by becoming the uncontested market leader in Belgium in just a few years' time.

In no time at all the RODANIA brand had made major inroads into Germany, France and the Netherlands. And ever since that time, Rodania has continued to experience extraordinary growth by pursuing a policy of constant international expansion.

But there have been other factors contributing to the great renown of the Rodania name. One was the decision to create each year an exclusive "leader" model, and to devote substantial resources to promoting it via sophisticated, attention-getting campaigns.

And while RODANIA has a highly masculine and sporty image, the company has nevertheless developed a stunning collection of authentic female watches, which proves that a real sense of fashion and fantasy are alive and well at the heart of the company.

"New" is the most important word in the Rodania vocabulary: the company boasts a dazzling variety of models, with enough choice to satisfy the most demanding of tastes.

And "Quality" is a given, since manufacturing is performed according to the company's own high quality standards applied from the design phase right down through production. Rodania thus offers quality of the highest level, at fair, affordable prices.

And that makes Rodania today one of the top names in watches throughout Europe.

Rodania is the Official Timekeeper of Dakar and also holding the official "watch" license for the Dakar rally from 2002 to 2004.

Technology and other useful hints

Guided by a long tradition and experience, RODANIA has chosen to use components and movements of the finest quality (the heart of every watch) based on the very latest Swiss technology.

Cases and bracelets
Cases and bracelets are selected very carefully for durability and longevity. Three metals are most commonly used in the manufacturing of RODANIA watches: steel, titanium and base metal (brass).

Steel: either the all steel or 2-tone gold plated version is the preferred choice for watches which are designed for long-term resistance to the elements.

Titanium: is a metal which has wide applications in such areas as medicine, dental surgery and aviation. Titanium is a hard but very light metal (it's characteristic is the grey tone and the very light weight). It is also hypoallergenic which makes it the ideal watch for someone with allergies.

Base metal (brass): is always treated with a finishing (plating) such as gold, rhodium or palladium. The plating is applied in various degrees of thickness - called microns. Our minimum standard in the less expensive collection is a 3 micron (a base of 2 micr. in 18K and 1 micr. of 23K for finishing). However, most of our line features a minimum plating of 5 micr. up to and including 20 microns. The thicker the plating - the longer the finishing will last.

Mineral or Sapphire crystals
Mineral or Sapphire crystals are today's standard in quality watches.

Rodania is using both types of crystals. The sapphire crystal has the advantage of being scratch resistant to a very high degree (a hardness of 9 on a scale of 10). This will make your watch crystal appear new for a long period of time.

The advantage of the mineral crystal over the sapphire is the fact that it is more shock resistant - but will scratch more easily. Therefore, sports watches are sometimes purposely equipped with a mineral crystal in order to eliminate the possible danger of getting damaged by a more fragile (shattered) sapphire crystal.

Water resistant
Most of the Rodania watches are water resistant.
Watches are resistant to various degrees - which are measured in ATM or atmospheres sometimes also referred to as BAR. Example:

1 ATM = 10m or 33 feet
3 ATM = 30m or 100 feet

All watches which are guaranteed to any degree are always engraved on the case back: WATER RESISTANT xx ATM. Without this engraving the watch should be considered not water resistant and be treated accordingly.

There is also another expression widely used in our industry - which is the unfortunate term : "SHOWERPROOF". Contrary to its meaning, a watch which is called showerproof is definitely not intended for use in a shower. Quite the opposite. Showerproof or for lack of a better term 'SPLASHPROOF" actually means that the construction of the case is made like a water resistant watch but was not tested and is not guaranteed against any exposure to moisture. Therefore, a showerproof watch which is returned with a rusty movement is not covered by the warranty.

Recommended degrees of water resistant protection: The general recommendation for any watch is to avoid exposure to water whenever possible!

Showerproof watches are in many cases dress watches which are generally worn in controlled settings.
30M or 3 ATM are recommended for brief contact with water only. Not ideal for aquatic sports
50M or 5 ATM are tested to withstand pressures up to 50M and can be used for swimming and other moderate aquatic sports
100M or 10ATM are the ideal sports or professional watch for heavy duty use in aquatic sports (except diving).
200M or 20ATM are highly specialized watches which are equipped with special crystals, usually screw down crown and screw backs which allows their exposure to the pressure of 200M.

Please keep in mind, that any watch which is guaranteed water resistant should be checked by a professional and qualified watch repair service center on a yearly basis. Any gaskets and O-rings for crowns, backs and crystals must be replaced as needed.

When having a battery changed in your water resistant watch, it is very important that a water proof test be done at the same time, in order to insure continued protection against moisture. Have your batteries changed only by qualified and well equipped professional watchmakers. We recommend that you use the Swiss Made RENATA batteries in all RODANIA watches.

Individual identification of quality features
Each watch delivered to you by an authorized retailer will feature a string tag outlining the 6 basic quality features of the watch you have chosen

Features: Swiss Made
20 ATM (200m) Water resistant
case/bracelet 2-tone steel
one directional, rotating divers bezel
bracelet with security lock buckle
mineral crystal

Your retailer will gladly explain to you the meaning of the quality symbols. The symbols are also shown and explained in the warranty booklet provided with your watch.

General maintenance
Like any product, your watch is negatively affected by dust and perspiration. Salt crystals from the skin attack the metal band and leather strap. We recommend that you clean your watch regularly with a slightly damp, soft cloth. The metal and gold plating will retain their lustre longer. Metal watch bracelets on watches with water resistance up to 50 meters or more can be washed under the tap with mild soap. Make sure that the watch crown is pushed into place and that the crystal is not damaged before making any contact with water. Have only a professional watch-repair service replace the battery since they know how to check the gaskets and replace them, if necessary. Always ask for a waterproof test if you want your watch to remain water resistant after a battery change. Rodania recommends Swiss Made RENATA batteries.

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The largest collection of
watches and clocks on the web

Watches Sales: The largest collection of watches and clocks on the web